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Wholly owned by SRBC- Registered Charity No 1116868

UK Telephone number 01785 212504


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Units 19-26, Centurion House, Anson Court, Staffordshire Technology Park, Stafford, Staffordshire ST18 0GB Telephone: 01785212504

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The iconic Stafford Beacon Conference Centre building

The Stafford Beacon Conference Centre is part of the charitable Beacon International Centre, which in itself is part of the Sandon Road Baptist Church. Part of the mission for the group as a whole is to support various local and international outreach projects.

The Beacon International Centre hosts Stafford's Chinese Christian Community each Thursday evening at 6pm for a meal, worship and Bible study.

House of Bread - a charity set up to help the homeless of Stafford.  

House of Bread (HOB) was first established in September 2010 and is an outreach project run

By the Churches of Stafford in the town centre. It provides a safe environment for those in need to

come together and share a meal, make new friends and be amongst people who care without

judging them. The House of Bread also provides a network of support, provides clothing and has

close links with Eagle House in Stafford. House of Bread is a charitable and voluntary organisation

and relies on the goodwill of its volunteers to provide food, time and friendship to those they serve.

Kerygma is a bus ministry that goes into schools and local villages.

Stafford Street Pastors offer assistance on the streets to those potentially vulnerable people leaving clubs and pubs in the early hours.

These local community projects are partly funded from the profits achieved by the Stafford Beacon Conference Centre.

Additionally, the profits are also channelled towards supporting two international projects:

The Smile Children's Home in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Anusuran, an educational centre for women and children in Delhi, India.

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